Healthy Weight Collaborative Action Kit

Healthy Weight Collaborative Action Kit

Welcome to the Healthy Weight Collaborative Action Kit! This action kit is designed to help spread the lessons learned from the Healthy Weight Collaborative to those interested in making change in their communities.

The videos and recordings presented here were collected as part of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Healthy Weight Collaborative. Through these learning communities, approximately 50 teams from across the country developed a successful framework for promoting healthy weight through multi-sectoral partnerships among public health, primary care and community organizations.

Teams from both Phase 1 and Phase 2 tested and adapted six strategies to support healthy weight and health equity in their communities. Teams initiated and led a number of “small tests of change” throughout the Healthy Weight Collaborative, including testing of healthy weight messaging, the use of standardized healthy weight plans and environmental policy advocacy.

We have divided the most promising and helpful videos collected from both phases of the Healthy Weight Collaborative into three sections. Please click on the links to access the section most relevant to your work.

Section 1: Collaborative Overview and Objectives
Section 2: Implementing the Six Strategies
Section 3: Other Helpful Videos