Health Information Technology Toolkit for Physician Offices

  • April 27, 2012


    Primary Care

    Shared By: Erin Ellingwood

    Topic(s): Health Monitoring, Individualized Services, Quality Improvement

    Minimum Time Commitment: 1 Month to 6 Months

    Reach: Individual

    Minimum Cost to Implement: Free

Resource Overview

Resource Overview

Access the Toolkit:

From the Toolkit Summary: Developed by Stratis Health, this toolkit helps health care organizations assess their readiness, plan, select, implement, and make effective use of health information technology to exchange important information about the clients they serve. The toolkit contains numerous resources, including tools for telehealth, health information exchange, and personal health records.

Much like a carpenter's toolbox, the HIT Toolkit supplies a variety of tools for use at different points in an organization's HIT adoption. Each tool includes a brief statement of purpose, instructions for use of the tool, and details about the tool structure.

The HIT Toolkit for Physician Offices consists of seven stages categorized into three main sections:

Section 1. Adopt: Assess - Plan - Select
Section 2. Utilize: Implement - Effective Use
Section 3. Exchange: Readiness - Interoperate

How to Use this Resource: A carefully constructed foundation and the right tools can mean the difference between systems that are not well-used or even add administrative burden, and those that achieve value. The purpose of this toolkit is to provide tools, tested in this environment, that will help organizations plan and make the right choices, as well as to avoid having to re-invent the wheel as they plan for and implement HIT in their clinic(s).

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