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Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Policies: Report from the IOM

  • November 22, 2011


    Public Health

    Shared By: Erin Ellingwood

    Resource Type: Report

    Topic(s): Coalition Building, Environmental Systems Change, Policy, Prevention

    Minimum Time Commitment: 6 Months to 1 Year

    Reach: Local/Community

    Minimum Cost to Implement: Nominal

Resource Overview

Early Childhood Obesity Prevention PoliciesFrom the Preface:

This report is one of a series of publications dedicated to providing succinct information on childhood obesity prevention specifically for policy makers and focuses on young children from birth to age 5. This report addresses multiple factors that contribute to childhood obesity and offers policy recommendations that together form an action plan for addressing obesity in young children.

The focus of this report is on policies that are developed and implemented by policy makers and by caregivers who interact with parents and young children. Thus the report’s recommendations are not made directly to parents but to these “intermediaries,” to ensure that early childhood obesity prevention policies are implemented in a way that complements and supports parents’ efforts to maintain healthy weight in their young children.

Published: June 2011
Funding Source: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The report was designed to find its way to federal, state, and local government policy makers who work in areas that impact young children in infancy and early childhood.

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